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If you love nature and exploring new places like me, you will love this map I created of the top 10 U.S. national parks, as named by  the travel section of U.S. News. Note that those parks marked in yellow have also been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Get out and explore the great outdoors.




This map documents results from the 2016 presidential election in seven northern New Jersey counties. I enjoy politics and election coverage and believe maps are an effective means to tell such a story in an interesting and engaging way. Even in a solid blue state like New Jersey, there are fascinating patterns and trends at play in each and every election.





Story Maps


I created this StoryMap on the evolution of humans. I find this topic really fascinating, and this engaging and visual tool will help guide the reader through the complex history of human development, including where we came from, what physical attributes we developed and when across time and our inevitably interrelatedness with the ape species. Click through millions of years of geologic time to learn more about the evolutionary path of today’s Homo sapiens.






This timeline documents 10 of the most influential and historic moments in American politics in the 21st Century. Though there are many to choose from, these 10 could very well have the most far-reaching impacts when thinking about the future of this country and the political foundations on which the nation stands right now.




I was able to transform my interview with Friedman into a mini broadcast segment, where I narrated her experiences doing research as a pre-med student and her hopes for her future. Friedman’s explanations of her research and what it means to her, both to humanity and to her personal career path, add the color of the interview while I provide background and contextualization.